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 +this week:
 +made friends at Scitech - Claire (csiro lab manager) introduced me to
 +Chris and Jessie who run the workshops and excursions. They are
 +looking to book something for july? Brett and I are keen to take that
 +on but there may be many more opportunities for all kinds of
 +Met with Katie Lenanton (courtesy of Neil) who works for city council.
 +She gave me lots of targeted, practical advice (and names) for
 +publicising artifactory in the local art world. Also some tips on
 +residency programs and funding.
 +(i would like to discuss these/share details/​numbers once i have had
 +some sleep)
 +next week:
 +Artist talk! sat 9th. Joey the prop/​contraption-builder will be here
 +for general hacking from around 1pm so it's an awesome time to invite
 +friends to the space!
 +I have not contacted sugar blue.
 +Joey mentioned a friend of his, Sarah, that wanted to invite his whole
 +workshop (15 people) to the talk - i will confirm with him
 +Space needs another tidy (i know it's been mentioned a lot) i will be
 +in during the week to shuffle stuff.
 +Need a projector and sound for the talk
 +Anyone got a favourite restaurant in innaloo?? i'll be looking at
 +asian most likely - for the veg and gluten-free options.
 +Tonight i went to a friend'​s exhib opening and met the artist who did
 +the giant billowing thing for st george'​s cathedral - will be talking
 +to him about sculptural logistics but also use that opportunity to
 +plug artifactory/​ get more advice :D
 +sorry if that made no sense, i'd like to discuss more next week.
 +questions, comments, advice are all good!
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