Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Dave Cake (DC)
  • Vice Chair: Peter Hillier (PH)
  • Secretary: Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Deputy Secretary: Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Treasurer: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Ken Goh (KG)
  • Michael Hambidge (MH)
  • Andrew Lindberg (AL)
  • Simon Kirkby (SK)
  • Brett Downing (BD)
  • Jason Muirhead (DC)
  • Sam Hurst (DC)
  • Michel Ludwig (SM)
  • Mason Larobina (DH)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 14:21
  • Closed: 15:26


  1. No minutes from the last AGM as the last “AGM” was a founding meeting
    1. Lack of minutes accepted informally
  2. Annual Report
    1. Committee Report
      1. Reading off the Annual Report - thanking the founding committe
      2. Specific thanks to Karl who has gotten busy but was instrumental in founding
    2. Changes to the space
      1. Thanks to SM and KB for selecting and arranging the venue
      2. Addition of giant robot and the bar d' factory
      3. Furniture, networking etc.
      4. On-line presence.
      5. Power subcommittee looked at upgrading the power, but the move has precluded this.
    3. Artifactory will have to move
      1. Council zoning not appropriate for us.
      2. No heavy machinery use can occur after the 14th.
      3. Also “light use” of the venue after the 14th (essentially, just for warehousing)
      4. Understood that the main problem is the parking.
      5. Town of Vincent doesn't appear to be interested in helping us re-zone
    4. New Premesis
      1. looking at somewhere “central”
      2. Osborne Park because it's reasonably close to public transport and freeway access
        1. One venue is 300 Square meters
        2. Another is 330 Square Meters (and a mezzanine)
      3. Both sites are more expensive.
      4. Current Premises is $2150, New Premises will be about $3000 (per month)
      5. Possible reduction in price as long as we take a long lease
      6. Discussion about funding sources - we are privately funded so far.
    5. Membership
      1. Membership drive will be required to pay for new Premesis
      2. New year will stick with the membership structure - the current levels will not change.
      3. Proposed addition however, of a “Dedicated Space” Membership
        1. $200 per Month
        2. Consists of an amount of physical floor space to be determined in addition to the privileges of the $100 membership level.
    6. Major Projects
      1. Infrastructure projects - Power, Safety, Security.
        1. Due to venue change and difficulty, the Power and Security upgrades were shelved.
      2. Swarf-o_mat
        1. Continues to be worked on (mainly by SM)
        2. Other CnC machines being constructed
      3. RepRap
        1. “Mendel” Reprap is now complete.
      4. Stratosphere Project
        1. Stalled due to KB being busy with “Real Life”™
      5. Midi Controlled Jacob's Ladder (Mr. Zappy)
        1. Now supports note rolloff!
        2. Production on it should be ready to begin this week
      6. Excellent year in terms of “producing awesome stuff”
      7. Due to the amount of infrastructure already built, next year will be more awesome
      8. Grants have proven difficult to get so far
        1. Australia Council grants appear to be where we need to be applying
        2. State programs appear to be mainly interested in funding existing artists
        3. Local Council grants need to be looked at, Stirling council may be more useful (which is good because Osborne Park is in Stirling council)
    7. Events held in space
      1. Lots of Regular events
        1. New space will be better because of the Zoning
      2. RepRap and Electronics and retro computing on mondays
        1. We have a RepRap now!
      3. Wine and Design night on wednesday
        1. Bar d' Factory built out of that
      4. Music nights
        1. Not so well attended
      5. Possible Model Rocketry night?
      6. What activities used for membership drives?
        1. Sun fair stall
        2. Crafternoon
        3. Swancon Demonstration
        4. Open day (including Rube Goldberg Competition)
      7. Perhaps we should come up with a mobile promo kit?
      8. Amateur Radio Course
    8. Alumni Membership?
      1. Membership for people who can't physically access the site.
      2. No rights in terms of access to the space, but a way of them to continue supporting the Artifactory and allowing access to the mailing list, wiki etc.
  3. Move that the report be accepted
    1. Unanimously accepted by proxies and members present
  4. Financial Report
    1. Figures cover from September 2009 to June 2010.
    2. 24 Members at the end of June 2010, 17 were full members, 6 were associate members and 1 was student associate.
    3. Bond for the new venue (approximately $9000) shouldn't be a problem.
    4. The first few months could be difficult though (need more members).
    5. We don't think we need to do a tax return, but it might be possible to claim the GST back.
  5. Corporate sponsorship
    1. Prospectus being prepared by Skot.
    2. Any member can approach a company but the Committee must approve for anything to come of it.
  6. Move that we accept the financial report, PD seconds
    1. Carried, everyone votes aye, except for Michel Ludwig
  7. Election of new Committee
    1. We need to change the Nomination process.
    2. DC, DH, PD and BR have nominated by mail.
    3. DH nominates SK, PD seconds
    4. DC nominates SM, DH seconds
  8. New committee Consists of: DC, SM, SK, BR, PD, DH
  9. Determination of the Schedule of Fees
  10. Motion to be moved: That the schedule of fees for the following year be:
    1. Full Membership $100 per month
    2. Associate Membership $50 per month
    3. Concession Membership $50 per month
    4. Concession Associate Membership $25 per month
    5. Dedicated Space Membership $200 per month.
  11. Motion to amend the motion - deletion of the dedicated space membership.
    1. DC and BR abstain, others vote for this motion
    2. Main reason is that more flexibility is required for the new membership level.
  12. Motion Passes - The schedule of fees is:
    1. Full Membership $100 per month
    2. Associate Membership $50 per month
    3. Concession Membership $50 per month
    4. Concession Associate Membership $25 per month
    5. Dedicated Space Membership $200 per month.
  13. Motion to be moved: “That no auditor be appointed for the next financial year.”. PH seconds.
    1. If anyone wishes to look at the accounts, SM will provide the spreadsheets. DH has looked over the electronic banking and no suspicious withdrawals have occured.
  14. Motion passes.
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