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   * Dep Secretary (informal role)   * Dep Secretary (informal role)
-===This needs to be done=== +====== Reaffirm Subcommittees ====== 
-Change Passwords/​codes/​access to committee ​stuff/safe and IT things etc etc etc. **Who**+Subcommittee Bylaw rule 6F - At the first Committee Meeting after the AGM or SGM all subcommittees will be dissolved unless reaffirmed by the management ​committee **subject to membership including a committee member**
 +List of which committee Member(s) is on which Subcommittee
 +  * Subcommittee X - who
 +  * Subcommittee Y - who
 +  * Subcommittee Z - who
 +^ Reaffirm XX, YY, ZZ Subcommitteess. Moved By | MOVER |
 +^ Seconded By | SECONDER | 
 +^ Status | Accepted/​Rejected |
 ==== Review Previous Meeting'​s Minutes ==== ==== Review Previous Meeting'​s Minutes ====
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