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 Elected 30th of September 2017 Elected 30th of September 2017
-Chair: Lawrence Dixon - “Lemming” (LEM) +  * Chair: Lawrence Dixon - “Lemming” (LEM) 
-Deputy Chair: Melanie McCarthy (Mel) +  ​* ​Deputy Chair: Melanie McCarthy (Mel) 
-Secretary: Blake Samuels (Blake) +  ​* ​Secretary: Blake Samuels (Blake) 
-Treasurer: Stuart McDonald (StM) +  ​* ​Treasurer: Stuart McDonald (StM) 
-Deputy Treasurer: Tim Gilchrist (TG) +  ​* ​Deputy Treasurer: Tim Gilchrist (TG) 
-Deputy Secretary: Hugh Frazer +  ​* ​Deputy Secretary: Hugh Frazer 
-OCM: Jean-Michel Maujean (JMM) +  ​* ​OCM: Jean-Michel Maujean (JMM) 
-OCM: James Sim (Felix) +  ​* ​OCM: James Sim (Felix) 
-OCM: Steve (SH) +  ​* ​OCM: Steve (SH) 
-OCM: Tanner Perham (TP)+  ​* ​OCM: Tanner Perham (TP)
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