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The committee is formed by merit of, and governed by the constitution

Secret World Domination plans are in the restricted section.

Committee Members

Elected 3rdth September 2016

  • Chair: timbo (TG)
  • Deputy Chair: Lawrence Dixon - “Lemming” (LEM)
  • Secretary: steve (SH)
  • Treasurer: StuartM (StM)
  • Deputy Treasurer, Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Deputy Secretary: StuartM (StM)
  • OCM: Jason Kongchoy (JK)
  • OCM: Hugh Frazer (HF)
  • OCM: Tanner Perham (TP)
  • OCM: Russel Clarke (RC)
  • OCM: Jean-Michel Maujean (JMM)

Other appointed roles:

  • Infrastructure Subcommittee Tsar:
  • Membership Officer:
  • Events Officers:
    • Facebook Event Posting:
    • Website/Google Calendar Event Posting :
      • Open Day:
      • Arduino:
      • Noizemaschin!!:
      • ADUG:
      • DIY Synth:
  • Band Room Coordinator:
  • Quartermaster:
  • Safety Officer: