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Artifactory Access

So The Perth Artifactory is a nonprofit organization run by a committee of dedicated volunteers and thrives through the overall communal and combined effort of its members.

So we don't exactly have open hours per se.

Member RFID Key Access:

If you are a paying member you can then pay a 3 month key bond to acquire a RFID key which allows you access to the space 24/7.

Please email the treasurer with your expression of interest and they will email you an invoice and inform you what you need to do.

Casual Access:

For the casual visiting members who just want to use the tools for the day/ night or members who have not paid for a key.

To access the space you can:

* Check the Webcam

Check the webcams to see if there is already a key holding member who has opened up and swing on down.However if the member with the key wishes to leave you must leave as well.

Members when issued keys will be inducted into this procedure and will be politely ask you to pack up when they will be leaving.

* Come down during a regular scheduled event

Come down on one of our regular scheduled events (except for Noise machine and music events since the machines are sectioned off if you plan on making things) , by all means you are welcome to attend the events but you can also just go off and do your own thing or use what you need to. There will be someone around who can help with the machines and tools if you need assistance. Be sure to leave the money in the till before you leave (your contribution to the space keeps the doors open :) )

* Organize access on the Mailing List

Go to our Mailing list and ask if anyone will be in at the space on a particular day or time. Committee members and members check this forum regularly and will get back to you within a reasonable amount of time and hopefully can organize something with you.

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