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Areas Overview

The space is big, really big, You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemists, but that's just peanuts to the space. Well, OK, that's an overstatement but the joke was worth it.
Suffice to say the Artifactory is a bit too big to manage as one single contiguous block so we have divided it into areas, each of which has an Area Host, this volunteer is the person who uses their own time to ensure that a part of this awesome communal workshop is ready for hacking when needed.

This is always subject to change, as the space evolves and mutates the list of areas will change.

  • CNC Machine Room
    The back part of the toolroom, this is the area where the Artifactory keeps all of the robotic mechanical cutting tools, currently home to the swarfomat and milldred.
  • Heavy Tool Room
    The front part of the toolroom, this is the place where you go when you want to make a mess (Well, one of them at least), the heavy tool room is where we keep the manual machine tools and handheld power tools.
  • Laser Area
    Where the lasercutters live, this is where you go when you just need to obliterated something with a beam of collimated light, it also houses all the various supplies for lasercutting including our stock of laser-cuttable plastics.
  • Stage
    The stage is at the front of the space and houses the Artifactory collection of A/V gear and interesting lighting. Also houses the space sound system.
  • Electronics Benches
    The electronics area has a bunch of work bays for hacking on most anything that facilitates the flow of electrons including Soldering Stations, Oscilloscopes and lab power supplies.
  • CAD Room
    The CAD room houses design workstations as well as our 3D printer and vinyl cutters.
  • LIMBO/Project Storage
    The area along the common AudioVault wall.
  • Social Area
    The area with the couches. Try to be more social.
  • Bar/Kitchen
    The bar and the kitchen. Comes with the 'Quartermaster' title and a moustache.
  • Car Park
    The front bit outside, where the large bin is and where cars should go.
  • Rear Courtyard
    The rear bit outside, where project work is permitted.
  • Welding Bay
    Next to the front roller door, but also includes the area directly inside the roller door.
  • Rehearsal Room
    In between the CAD room and CDM Studio offices, used by Artifactorians with Band Memberships.
  • General Space
    The big open bit in the middle of the space not covered by any of the previous areas.

When you leave your project in the space (And not in member storage), we call this parking, and just like in the city, in order to park a project you need a parking permit, and if you don't have one you might get a parking ticket.

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