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The Perth Artifactory Wiki

This is the shared online workspace for all members of the Perth Artifactory, WA's first (and only) hackerspace.

Our address is: 8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017


Events and Activities

  • Events - Special interest meetings - Arduino U, Noizemaschin!!, General hacking, Wine & Design, DIY Modular Synth
  • Workshops - Discussions, plans and resources for past and future workshops and short-courses
  • Fundraising - Seeking funding for tools and equipment for the Artifactory, Do your part!

Artifactory Proper

  • Projects - Member projects Past, Present, and Proposed. See what's been built, Under construction NOW, and future projects looking to gather volunteers.
  • Tool Register - A comprehensive list of the tools and equipment available for use at the Artifactory
  • Areas Overview - An overview of the work areas, amenities and facilities at the Perth Artifactory.
  • Parts Available - The Artifactory Parts market - post things for sale, free, or exchange here
  • Parts Wanted - The Artifactory Parts Wish List - having trouble finding something? Post what you need here, and perhaps someone knows of a source…
  • Shopping - Links on where to Get Cool Stuff for your crazy projects. Share and enjoy those esoteric links to weird parts.
  • Artifactory How-To's - Artifactory How To Do Stuff guides…
  • Webcam- Live Feed to the Artifactory to see if there are already members at the space who have opened up




Big Schemes for the Space


Having trouble registering an account? That's because you don't need to! Your Artifactory single sign-on account will work here.

What this means:

The Artifactory internal network has shared user accounts. If you don't have an account yet, contact one of our system admins (Nick Bannon, Lemming and Tim Gilchrist) next time you are in the space and they'll set you up. artifactory-committee AT googlegroups DOT com

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