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The committee is formed by merit of, and governed by the Constitution of the Perth Artifactory Inc.

Secret World Domination plans are in the restricted section.

Committee Members

Elected 30th of September 2017

  • Chair: Lawrence Dixon - “Lemming” (LEM)
  • Deputy Chair: Melanie McCarthy (Mel)
  • Secretary: Blake Samuels (Blake)
  • Treasurer: Stuart McDonald (StM)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Tim Gilchrist (TG)
  • Deputy Secretary: Hugh Frazer
  • OCM: Jean-Michel Maujean (JMM)
  • OCM: James Sim (Felix)
  • OCM: Steve (SH)
  • OCM: Tanner Perham (TP)

Other appointed roles:

  • Membership Officer:
  • Events Officers:
    • Facebook Event Posting:
    • Website/Google Calendar Event Posting :
      • Open Day:
      • Arduino:
      • Noizemaschin!!:
      • ADUG:
      • DIY Synth:
  • Band Room Coordinator:
  • Quartermaster:
  • Safety Officer:

Minutes of Meetings

For creating meeting pages, please use the Meeting Page Template.

Annual General Meetings


Common Seal

The Chairman and the Secretary are jointly permitted to authorise contracts on behalf of the organisation by way of the common seal. A log of uses of the common seal is viewable to members here



The documentary records held by the committee are held on an internal server accessible via SSH. The documents are also available through BTsync. FIXME: add details

They were GIT optimised for SparkleShare. In order to access those directories you must be a member of the committee or officers LDAP groups and have your SSH public key lodged in the git@shell account.

Folder Description Address
artifactory-legal Official records & forms. ssh://


The ABN of the Perth Artifactory Inc. is 16 847 853 023, active since 2009-11-17

Garry Carroll (garryc AT iinet) has registered us as a UWA contractor, active since 2013-10-22 , password in the restricted part of the wiki.

Financial Information

Invoice Register

From time to time the Artifactory rents gear. Below are the tables of invoices.

Audiovisual Invoice Table

Invoice Number Invoice Description Issue Date Paid Date
AV001 AV hire for DoomCon 18 April 2012 TBA
HIRE2013001 Winthrop Tech 25 Oct 2012 Hire of Artifactory 19 October 2013 21 November 2013
AV2013001 AV hire for B Ragan 31 October 2013 TBA

Owner and Agent Information

Contact information for the agent and owner is kept in the restricted part of the wiki.

Social Media Logins

A user of PerthArtifact has been created on as many social media sites as possible. These are the only accounts that are currently in control of the Artifactory. The password(s) are kept in the restricted part of the wiki. These services are:

Policy Development

Prospectus / Grant application development

Guthrie Street Lease takeover

Stirling City Saga

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